Being Thankful

South Main Creative has been open for a little over a month and I have so much to be thankful for! Sitting here early this morning working on long-overdue blog posts so we can get our website up and running, I had the pleasure of overhearing two ladies’ comments about our store. They were on a morning walk, enjoying the finally cool weather, and they stopped at our front door to peer in the windows.  One had been in the shop before and was telling her friend about the variety of goods from visual art to jewelry at many price points, saying “Look! And over there, look!”

The concept of South Main Creative came about as a result of my personal interests combined with finding and acquiring this amazing building! I had originally wanted a building just for my antiques business, wabi-sabi designs, and my artwork, but 1600 Main Street was BIG! It fit all of my dream criteria: An historic building in a vital, walkable, historic neighborhood, with space to work on projects and space for storage. But figuring out how to afford this larger-than-I-needed-for-myself building was the new challenge!  Having had experience working in an antique mall and art galleries, I knew the two concepts would mesh well and be something new and fresh. When I realized we could teach art, craft, and DIY classes, that’s when the excitement reached the tipping point!

Well, after a year and a half of work, here we are! It has been an amazing and sometimes frustrating journey, and there are so many people whose help I am thankful for! My husband, family and friends’ support made it possible. I am blessed to have talented, hard-working people around me! From business advice to renovation contractors to historic district experts, there have been so many delightful folks working on this project. Welcoming support from neighborhood merchants and residents has been emotionally overwhelming. Positive responses from customers has been a delight. Pinching myself is almost a daily practice, this REALLY DID HAPPEN???!!!
Come see us and thank you,

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