Mindful Buying

Every once in a while it hits me: We’re on Main Street! On a recent lovely spring day, my husband and I were pulling weeds from our landscaping and putting out mulch. As I swept the stray mulch pieces off the sidewalk, it hit me again: How much more American can it be? A small business owner on Main Street sweeping the stoop!
I am so proud to be here in SoMa, and although the process of buying and renovating this building and starting South Main Creative has been a dizzying whirlwind of overwhelming duties and activity, it was all deliberate. When I began looking for a space to house my antiques business, one requirement was that it be in a bustling historic district. It didn’t have to be on Main Street, that was serendipity!
What I am getting at is choices. The choices we make when we spend our hard-earned dollars. Part of the reason for South Main Creative’s existence is to provide quality, authenticity, and unique beauty which equals good value. Many neighboring merchants are committed to the same values of local sourcing, sustainable growth, and reduce, reuse, recycle. Buying local and buying antiques, vintage and upcycled is economically responsible. Just think, every time you don’t buy something imported from China you help reduce the trade deficit!
We know you have choices, we hope you choose to discover South Main Creative!




    Your story gave me chills… Beautiful gratitude… It shows by the big smile you great us all with walking into your store. Just another reason, your place is my most favorite place to shop. Thank you so much for what you do… You have such great vendors with amazing inventories. Also, thank you for supporting local artists, showcasing their original work and making it available for us to support them as well. Your shop is a great gift to the SoMa community.


    • Valerie Wingert

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments! It really warms my heart when folks understand what we are doing here. The wonderful connections and friendships we have made with customers and merchants is a triple bonus. We love it, it’s our happy place!


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